For our second workshop, G-100 made his way to Brussels, the heart of the European Union, but also a city home to more than 180 nationalities and in which more than 55% of residents were not born Belgian.
In this vibrant context, newcomers, refugees, students, journalists, experts and decision makers came together to discuss and deliberate in an innovative way on two pertinent issues:
Democracy // The importance of considering the voice of refugees, while drawing policies aiming to facilitate refugees’ integration in the European societies where they are living.

Higher Education // The challenges facing refugees on their way to higher education in Belgium.

A detailed programme of the workshop is available here.

By the end of this workshop, the participants put all their ideas into some concrete recommendations, which then will become the subject matter of the larger G-100 Conference, where decision-making individuals and institutions will be able to hear them first-hand (stay tuned! Information coming soon).

For this occasion, G-100 was joined by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the Global Progressive Forum (GPF) and the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, and in partnership with the Center for European Policies Studies (CEPS), Cinemaximiliaan, Solidar, Tritocoterie.


Part 1: Discussion of Challenges in Democracy & Higher Education

Participants debated the challenges new comers face in the access to higher education and democratic participation.

  • How would higher education look like if it was accessible to new comers as to Belgian and EU citizens?
  • How would democracy look like if it was open to the active participation of new comers?

So many stories and experiences, so many ideas to share and debate.



What is G-100 about? Hear it from Ayham:

Part 2: Discussion of Recommendations for Democratic Participation & Access to Higher Education

Now it’s time to think about solutions, together. After a full morning of debate about the challenges new comers face, we needed to try to propose new ideas to bring change.