G100 Berlin held its final conference on the 6th of November in Taz Kantine, having invited a diverse panel of policy makers, politicians, civil society actors and activists to discuss integration challenges for newcomers in the areas of civic engagement, access to education and access to the job market. Prior to the conference, we published a policy brief based on a creation worksop we held in April 2019 with ca. 50 newcomers and activists.



The speakers highlighted the importance of civic engagement, dialogue and communication from early on, especially on the micro-level; starting from the accommodation center to job counselling and immigration offices. It was clear, that integration is considered an important issue for all discussants and that each in their role do take this aspect seriously in their efforts, programs, activism and investment.

Among others, civic society actors were rather optimistic and inspired by the energy and innovation that refugees catalysed in the social sector, highlighting the importance of relying on this vibrant energy in driving more innovation. The access to the job market was on the other hand discussed as an issue with multiple parameters, intersecting very uniquely on the individual level of those looking for their access to the job market. Discrimination, lack of skill assessment and poor employee-employer matching still stand in the way of scalable employment strategies despite the high demand on employment agencies.

Women of refugee or migrant background were repeatedly recognised as a group denied essential support for childcare, loans, employment and education. It was highly stressed that targeted support programs for them are key in securing financial stability for them and protecting their children from child poverty.

You can watch the full live stream in the link below. We thank all of those who joined us on this day, who participated in the hard discussion and the audience who participated during the conference with voting, questions, feedback and critic.

Geplaatst door G-100 op Woensdag 6 november 2019

Special thanks for Kiron Open Higher Education and ReDi School of Digital Integration for supporting us, and to Mathias Kutt for photography.

This event was held by Diaspora Network Alliance.