Ayham Saif Eddin

Ayham Saif Eddin worked as a humanitarian relief worker in the conflicted field of Syria between the end of 2011 and mid 2015. As volunteer with the Syrian Red Crescent - Rural Damascus branch, he worked as a first aid, a field officer for humanitarian aid distribution office, and then as a field coordinator for urgent humanitarian responses in the province of Rural-Damascus. Ayham is a native Syrian, he moved to Belgium in 2015 to study political science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His fields of interests are armed conflicts, Unilateral and multilateral humanitarian military interventions, and humanitarian operations within war zones. In 2017 he started another master in European External Relations at the Catholic University of Leuven in order to understand EU’s perspective on today’s conflicts in the Middle East, its coercive and diplomatic tools to tackle these conflicts, and how EU’s foreign policy was adapted in order to deal with different type of modern challenges. Ayham is also a volunteer and the president of Cinemaximillian’s board of members, a Belgian NGO that works with refugees and refugee artists and help them to integrate into the European communities where these refugees were resettled.

Mohammed Badran

Mohammed Badran is a co-founder of Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands, an NGO with more than 600 volunteers helping older people with household tasks, caring for disabled children, tending public gardens, and bringing new ideas by and for newcomers. A Damascus native, when the war started in Syria he was studying interior design at Damascus University; he eventually was forced to leave Syria. Badran's journey took him between the Middle East and West Africa before he finally arrived in the Netherlands in 2013. He resumed his studies in Cultural Anthropology and Development at the Vrije University Amsterdam. As he gained a Dutch perspective on Europe’s struggle to support the growing number of Syrians and other nationalities fleeing war, he joined with friends to form Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands (SYVNL). In September 2016, he was invited to give a speech at the open ceremony of the UN summit for refugees and migrants.

Wajdi Alkak

Wajdi ALKAK is a rural Damascene, currently lives in Strasbourg, France since more than two years. When the conflict erupted in Syria, he was studying English Literature at Damascus University. Meanwhile, he worked with the Syrian Red Crescent as a first-aide. Wajdi began learning French when he arrived in Strasbourg and now he is studying a master in European and International Studies at the university of Strasbourg.